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Business litigation requires more of a lawyer.  An effective business litigation attorney not only has the expertise and experience to handle the matter competently, but invests time and effort to ensure that the litigation meets the client’s business goals.

Business Litigation Lawyers in State and Business Litigation LawyersFederal Courts

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McDaniel Law treats business litigation as an investment. We view each engagement to represent our New Jersey clients as an investment made in our services, as well as an investment made in the lawsuit. We seek to always provide a positive return on this investment.  We are efficient, effective and sensitive to our client’s long term goals and the needs of their business.

Unique Approach to Business Litigation

We represent clients in business litigation that arise from a variety of commercial JRM-2016-269x300transactions and business operations. Our litigation practices are distinguished by our approach. We take the time to learn our clients’ businesses and –in each litigated matter–to identify specific goals and execute on those goals.  In many cases, our clients goals are not simply “winning,” but may require an early settlement, preservation of an important business relationship or retention of an important competitive process.  We are experienced in securing both money damages and injunctive relief for our clients.

Business Litigation Expertise

By using the techniques of legal process management and investing in the latest litigation and case management technology, we are able to provide our business litigation clients with the highest quality services at fees that are predictable and reasonable.

Our practice areas include intellectual property, commercial disputes and corporate litigation in matters related to:

  • Trademark and Unfair Competition Litigation: We protect the rights of New Jersey clients in federal trademark litigation under the Lanham Act, under state trademark law and in other types of unfair competition cases. We are experienced in trademark, trade dress, design and logo cases.
  • b: We represent corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies in disputes over corporate governance, including oppressed shareholder actions, partnership dissolutions and limited liability company disputes.
  • Copyright Litigation: We handle copyright disputes involving importation of goods, infringement actions, internet copying and plagiarism, and all aspects of copyright litigation.
  • Business Torts: We represent New Jersey clients in such areas as theft or misuse of trade secrets, breach of covenants of good fair and fair dealing, and unreasonable commercial interference.
  • Commercial Litigation:  Our attorneys handles a variety of breach of contract and related tort cases arising from significant commercial transactions.
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