Chancery Lawyers

Chancery Court Litigation

Chancery lawyers handle litigation involving specialized matters and expedited proceedings.  The Chancery courts of New Jersey hear cases in which the plaintiff is seeking equitable relief, often an injunction or an order to perform some obligation.  Litigation in the Chancery court is often time-sensitive and technical.

The attorneys at McDaniel Law are experienced Chancery court litigators.  We appear in a variety of matters representing businesses, professionals and individuals.  We have a comprehensive understanding of the legal rules and procedures unique to Chancery litigation.

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Chancery Litigation

The Chancery Division of New Jersey Superior Court hears matters in which the plaintiff is seeking a remedy that is primarily equitable, or non-monetary.  Our Chancery litigation experience includes cases involving:

  • Injunctions and Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Business Governance Disputes
  • Dissolution of Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies or Corporations
  • Appointments of Receivers or Special Fiscal Agents
  • Trusts and Estates Disputes
  • Expulsion of Partners or Limited Liability Company Members
  • Oppressed Shareholder Actions
  • Enforcement of Restictive Covenants, Agreements Not to Compete and Confidentiality Agreements
  • Misappropriation of Proprietary Information or Trade Secrets
  • Partititions of Real Estate
  • Enforcements of Easements or Other Real Property Rights
  • Accountings

 Critical Issues Litigation

Chancery lawsuits often require immediate action and involve issues that are critical to business.  The litigation may involve a employee using proprietary information to compete unfairly, the exclusion of an owner from a business, or a disputed issue in settling an estate.  We anticipate the need to act quickly and are able to bring or respond to lawsuits in days.

Having an attorney who is experienced in Chancery matters is important to the successful resolution of your matter.  Chancery judges apply unique equitable principles in resolving disputes.  An understanding of the law and procedures is essential to effectively representing clients in Chancery litigation.

We have more than 20 years experience in the Chancery courts in New Jersey.  Contact the attorneys at McDaniel Law for quality representation in Chancery litigation.

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