China Pledges to Fortify Intellectual Property Protections

China Pledges to Fortify Intellectual Property Protections

The likely successor to the current Chinese premier acknowledged during a recent trip to Europe that his country needs to improve protection of foreign copyrights, patents and trademarks.

“China will continue to improve foreign business related laws, regulations and policies, and give protection to intellectual property rights in order to provide a level playing field and a stable, orderly, transparent and predictable market environment for all players,” Vice Premier Li Keqiang wrote in an article in China Daily marking his visit to Germany.

Responding to German Concerns

Mr. Li’s comments may be seen as a response to comments last summer from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who noted that Beijing still had to show progress to protect intellectual property rights for German firms doing business in China.

China Aiming to Increase Foreign Investment by Offering Assurances

The Chinese government has repeatedly expressed a desire to increase foreign investment, but manufacturers of high-tech products and precision equipment must be able to rely on assurances that intellectual property, trade secrets and other proprietary information will not be jeopardized.

Computer equipment and electronics manufacturers, software developers, and producers of cutting-edge machinery often want to explore the benefits of offshore production and exports as market shares grow and product lines expand. But, discretion is the key to success, and a vital first step is assembling a strategy to protect the lifeblood of any 21st century enterprise: the ideas, data and designs that set its products apart from the pack.

Consult With an Experienced IP Law Firm to Explore the Risks and Rewards of Global Trade

Whatever the intellectual property protection needs of your business may be, steady assistance from a New Jersey IP law firm can help you gain the footing you need for growth. Taking advantage of international trade opportunities as an importer or exporter can provide tremendous benefits, but there are always risks inherent when entering agreements with dealers and distributors in distant cities and on foreign shores.

Exclusive rights and licensing agreements, supply and transportation logistics, and questions of compliance with foreign and domestic customs authorities are just a few of the complex legal issues that an enterprising business must consider.

By enlisting the services of attorneys who understand the importance of due diligence and have litigation resources at their disposal, a company can proceed confidently toward a more prosperous future.

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