Lawyers Addressing Complicated Copyright Issues in New Jersey

The competitive business environment has made the protection of intellectual property vital to your business. With the assistance of an experienced lawyer, you can protect integrity of your products and intellectual property and limit the damage caused by infringement or unlicensed reproductions, as well as protecting your business from claims of infringement made by competitors.

At McDaniel Law, we leverage nearly 20 years of legal experience to offer effective and efficient representation to business owners in the Northern New Jersey area. Using our wide breadth of legal knowledge and our experience in copyright law issues, we are able to address complex matters relating to the well being of your business and the protection of vital intellectual property you rely on for your income.

With our knowledge and experience addressing copyright issues, McDaniel Law is able to offer assistance during litigation stemming from claims of infringement, as well as during the clearance and registration of newly created intellectual property. 

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Special Attention for Imported Products

We have extensive experience addressing copyright issues relating to the importation of products, and can offer knowledgeable advice regarding customs regulations governing the intellectual property issues that often accompany the importation of goods. From the import of music, videos, books, clothing, house furnishings, after-market auto goods and cosmetics, we can offer your business the quality representation you need when complicated copyright issues present themselves.

McDaniel Law will work diligently to enforce your rights, and to protect your products from other parties wishing to profit from your work without obtaining the proper licensing, and to protect you from claims of infringement. Our work can help your business police copyright infringement, whether you hold the actual copyright or are licensing another party’s rights, and assist you when a competitor makes an unwarranted claim of infringement.

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