Digital Copyright Enforcement

Digital Piracy on the Internet

Digital piracy of creative works is an epidemic, affecting every section of the creative industries. Movies, games, television shows, books, visual art and music are all subject to illegal distribution and copying through peer-to-peer networks, download copyright infringement attorneysites, and newsgroups.

We represent authors, exclusive rights holders and distributors to identify illegal downloads and file-sharing and, when appropriate, to prosecute claims against distributors and downloaders through digital copyright enforcement. 

Copyright Protection against Illegal Downloads

McDaniel Law represents United States and international clients that seek to protect their exclusive rights to perform, copy, and distribute copyrighted works against digital piracy.

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Our services include the prosecution of copyright infringement claims against bit torrent and other peer-to-peer participants, web site operators, virtual private network (VPN) operators and download lockers. We also work with technical support providers to identify copyright infringement and use the remedies provided by the Digital Millennium Copyright (DMCA) to reduce on-line digital piracy.

Digital Piracy Monitoring

Our services include monitoring for illegal copying and distribution through the variety of channels, both peer-to-peer and website based. We identify the illegal distribution of copyrighted works through a variety of techniques. We have the ability with our technical partners to issue DMCA take-down notices in real time, to monitor torrents and download sites and to make detailed records of infringing activity. Our monitoring activities include such popular video sharing sites as Youtube, Vimeo, Google, Yahoo Video and the numerous other file-sharing sites on the Internet.

The monitoring activity that we supervise complies with the quality control standards of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) for accuracy and completeness. These monitoring efforts enable us to identify, deter and when necessary prosecute copyright infringement on the Internet.

Copyright Infringement Lawyers in Torrent Prosecution Cases

We represent authors, exclusive rights holders and distributors in multi-defendant actions brought against participants in peer-to-peer networks. The prosecution of such claims is a developing area of the law in the United States, but has proven to be an effective deterrent to digital piracy in a number of countries. We have developed proprietary procedures and processes to handle these matters.

To develop an effective program to deter and prosecute digital piracy, call 888-602-5990 or contact us by e-mail.

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