Hackensack Business Lawyers

The best business attorneys offer more than legal knowledge. It takes a sure judgment, skill acquired under fire and an understanding of the realities of the world of business. The best business lawyers guard their clients’ money, time and resources as jealously as they guard their own.

Business Law Attorneys serving Clients in the Bergen County Hackensack Area

Contact McDaniel Law for experienced counsel and representation on all aspects of business law. You may reach us toll free at 888-602-5990, use our on-line contact form or use our real-time chat support.

Business Counsel to Emerging Companies and Entrepreneurs

Knowing the needs and business of an emerging company or its key entrepreneurs is an important characteristic of the best business lawyers. They communicate effectively. They share their knowledge and their time. The best business lawyers find ways to collaborate with their clients. They believe that when their clients succeed, they succeed.

Small Business Attorneys in Hackensack

McDaniel Law offers its clients the judgment and knowledge of experienced attorneys with a keen business sense. We counsel clients on a variety of litigated and non-litigated matters such as breach of contract, unfair competition, tortious interference and other corporate governance litigation. On the transactional side, we represent clients in starting a new business venture, which includes forming new limited liability companies, forming new corporations and forming new partnerships.

Our skills spans a breadth of market sectors that served as business counsel. We advise clients on a wide range of activities. Our billing is transparent and reasonable.

Effective Legal Collaboration and Technology

Unlike many law firms, our billing practices are not a mystery to be discovered at the end of each month. Because the hourly rate continues to be the most common method of billing, we provide clients with 100 percent transparency into all aspects of their matters, including time recording and billing. Our case management system, which includes all documents, communications, notes and time entries is available through an easy-to-use internet service.

Clients can even establish notices to advise them every time there is an activity on their case, or to “follow” important events like the filing of motions, filings with regulatory authorities, or the recording of time charges.

Contact the attorneys at McDaniel Law at 888-602-5990 to discuss your business law needs. The services we provide include:

• Counseling and preparation of documents associated with formation of new businesses, whether a limited liability company, corporation or partnership.

• Review and preparation of a variety of important business documents, such as consulting agreements, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, licensing agreements, distribution agreements.

• Business operations planning, business succession planning, business tax planning.


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