Start Now Forming a New Jersey LLC

A New Jersey LLC that is Created for Your Specific Needs

To form a New Jersey limited liability company that meets your specific needs, you should consult with an  attorney.  The Documents many business owners buy on the Internet or from an office supply store to form their LLC – as well as  the corporate filing services – only come in one size for all shapes and sizes of businesses.

You can start now  in forming a limited liability company in New Jersey with our counseling and assistance.  Complete our Limited Liability Company Survey and we will have your company created and operating in as little as a few hours.

Our services include an individual consultation with you about your individual needs and the needs of your business, preparation and filing of  documents with Secretary of State, obtaining a federal tax identification number and the preparation of  your Operating Agreement, along with any other documents necessary to get your business underway.  We will also act as your registered agent at no additional charge.

In addition, as a client of the firm, we will provide you with discounted fees for any other legal services that you may require in the next year.  You will also receive our “clients only” legal guides, as well important informational newsletters that we prepare throughout the year.

Trusted Counselors to Owners of Businesses

Legal Zoom, Rocket Lawyer and other similar incorporation services do not provide legal advice. It’s illegal.  As the owner of a new business, however, you need the business to suit your needs.  That requires consultation with a lawyer.  Buying documents — or hiring a service — to simply plug your name into forms or databases is not legal advice.

The law applicable to LLCs vary from state to state.  Off-the-shelf Operating Agreements, however, are rarely geared to any specific state law.  In New Jersey, the legislature has adopted an entirely new set of LLC laws of which you should be aware.

The attorneys at McDaniel PC have represented owners of limited liability companies and the companies they form for more than 20 years.  We represent LLCs and their owners in both business counseling matters and in litigation.  We write and publish frequently on LLC law.

Avoid Problems from Not Planning for the LLC

As seasoned litigators with a practice mostly devoted to small business disputes, we repeatedly see the  pitfalls of  poorly drafted operating agreements.  Indeed, we see it over and over again – lawsuits  that should  have been avoided, but the owners did not plan carefully and did not have an Operating Agreement drawn specifically to meet their needs.

Complete our on-line survey to begin  forming your limited liability company.  Protect yourself from personal liability from  claims by third parties and disputes between the owners.  Assure yoursefl that your business has an effective governance structure, operates efficiently and poised for success.  The information you provide in the survey will be used to  create an LLC tailored to your specific needs.

An LLC Formed under New Jersey Law

Most states use outdated limited liability company laws.  New Jersey is one a handful of states that has adopted the Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company, what we call  “LLC 2.0. ”  The newly revised laws in New Jersey are a significant step forward and provides LLC owners with an organization that is flexible and suits their individual needs.

New Jersey law is “state of the art,” but more planning is necessary and the legal issues that are specific to New Jersey and the needs of the owners must be considered.

Avoid Expensive Mistakes and Invest in Your Future with the LLC

Abraham Lincoln said that “a lawyer’s time and advice are his stock and trade.”  Lincoln was not just the 16th President of the United States, he was an experienced and respected trial attorney.  Lincoln’s advice still rings true.  It is never a good idea to seek legal advice from someone who is only in the business of selling documents and filing services.  Avoid buying yourself a lawsuit by acting without legal advice.

How are we different?  We consult with our clients and incorporate their specific needs in the documents that we prepare.  Our clients pay for our time and our advice, not just for the paper that we generate.

To form a New Jersey Limited Liability Company, complete our on-line Limited Liability Company Survey and we will help you identify the issues that may be traps you don’t recognize.

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