Trademark Registration Overview

Useful Information About Trademark Registration

Business Trademark Registration

What are the benefits of a registered trademark? Is it necessary to trademark a company name? Securing a registered trademark for products, services and a company name is the best way to protect one of the most valuable assets of a business: its public reputation.

Is a Trademark Search Necessary?

Is it necessary to conduct a trademark search before filing an application to register a trademark? There are millions of active registered trademarks. Filing a registration application without searching the potential trademark increases the risk of rejection and infringement lawsuits.

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We at the New Jersey law firm of McDaniel Law provide clients with a comprehensive search, evaluation and written opinion for a trademark that is being considered for registration. Our flat fee of $795 includes all of the services recommended to successfully register a new trademark. We also provide discounts for related registrations.

The Trademark Registration Process

How can a business achieve maximum protection for its trademarks? What are the steps to registering a trademark? By carefully researching the availability of a name and evaluating the strength or weakness of the name, business owners maximize the protection available under federal law. Trademark applications are reviewed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Trademark Protection for Registered Marks

What are the different types of trademarks? How does a business select a trademark for registration? Trademarks are available for any name or symbol that is used to identify a specific provider of a good or service. Not all trademarks have the same protections. Strong registered marks receive the highest level of protection under federal law. Weak, descriptive, generic and unregistered trademarks are much more difficult to protect.

Is there a Risk of a Trademark Infringement Lawsuit?

Can a trademark registration cause an infringement lawsuit? Will an evaluation lower the risk of rejection or litigation? Trademark usage is monitored by many different companies. Attempting to register a mark without determining if it is available may result in rejection by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a cease and desist letter from the owner or if the trademark is already in use a trademark infringement lawsuit.

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