Employee Raiding

Employee raiding involves the solicitation of key employees with the intention to gain access to confidential information, to harm a competitor or to seek some other unfair business advantage.

Employee Raiding is Unfairly Hiring Away Key Employees for an Improper Purpose

Key employees possess vital information that is of utmost value to your business. This may include client lists that took years to develop, oremployees-1704059_1280 information regarding complex formulas of the company’s product, or other trade secrets.

When a competitor company hires such individuals, it can be considered a form of unfair competition — that the company was intentionally hiring those with intimate knowledge of a competitor’s business simply for the purposes of leveraging their own business or harming the competitor.

Prosecuting and Defending Employee Raiding and Hiring Disputes

We represent companies that are involved in claims involving employee raiding or other unfair hiring practices.

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Whether your vital company information is being compromised, your business is harmed through the sudden loss of a significant percentage of employees or your business is facing false claims involving employee raiding, you need a law firm in your corner safeguarding the future interests of your business.

Our law firm is experienced in resolving employee raiding disputes involving various complex issues, such as:

  • False information or malice used to entice key employees to terminate employment without notice
  • Systematic luring of the talents of a competitor’s business
  • Hiring employees in violation of a non-compete agreement or nondisclosure agreement
  • Employees induced to compete with their own business by bringing proprietary information to the competitor’s business
  • Other forms of employee raiding
  • Wrongly inducing key employees to violate employment contact

Defending Employee Raiding Claims Used as a Litigation Tool

We recognize that claims of unfair competition may be used as a business’s savvy attempt to harm a competitor’s business (through the time and expense exerted in litigation) upon the realization of what the company has lost. In defending your business, our firm works diligently to demonstrate how competitive earnings, more favorable working conditions, or other advantages of the employment opportunity lured the suspect employees to your business — not any unfair or unscrupulous behavior of business professionals.

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