Representative Business Divorce Matters

Representing Closely Held Business Owners in Multiple Industries and Matters

We have experience and acquired expertise representing individual owners and business organizations in a wide range of industries and professions.

  • Law Firms and Lawyers
  • Medical Practices and Physicians
  • Engineering and Design
  • Broadcasting and Affiliated Industries
  • E-Commerce and Brick and Mortar Retail
  • Real Estate Management
  • Real Estate Development and Construction
  • Education and Related Consulting
  • Food Services and Food Sciences
  • Research and Development
  • Entertainment
  • Software Development and Consulting
  • Chemical Processing and Storage
  • Personal Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Communications

Contact us for assistance with business divorce issues at (973) 602-3915 or use our on-line contact form.  We will assist you with all aspects of business divorce, whether the result requires litigation or negotiation.

Representative Business Divorce Matters

We have represented clients on a wide spectrum of litigated and non-litigated matters

  • Protecting law firms’ rights against attorney “grab and go” resignations.
  • Perfecting a personal injury law firm’s security interests in contingent-fee matters solicited by a former principal.
  • Litigating the lockout and expulsion of a physician from a medical practice, including securing the office from his continued participation in the operations.
  • Enforcing post-expulsion restrictions against competition by a former principal of a closely held business.
  • Enforcing agreements among members for the purchase and sale of interests negotiated in connection with a business divorce.
  • Representing the law practice and its majority members in the litigated removal of a non-productive member through a successful acquisition of the member interest.
  • Representing the founder of a successful direct mail services company in an oppressed shareholder action brought, culminating in a multi-million dollar acquisition of the founder’s shares.
  • Negotiating the exit of a dissenting minority shareholder from a successful logistics and supply company with the acquisition of the dissenter’s interest at a premium above the initial valuation.
  • Representing the majority members of a limited liability company involved in real estate development in the expulsion of a member from management and ultimately the company; negotiating the purchase of the minority member’s interests on favorable terms.
  • Litigating the breakup of a family real estate holding company and the acquisition of the various interests by one of the interests.
  • Negotiating the transition of a manufacturing enterprise through the retirement of a principal shareholder.
  • Litigating the expulsion of a member from a limited liability company involved in the construction industry and managing his removal from the business.
  • Litigating to a successful conclusion the expulsion of a member from a limited liability company involved in the equestrian industry.
  • Securing an injunction preventing the managers of a successful restaurant from acting in a manner prejudicial to the minority interests.

Contact Jay McDaniel for experienced counsel in all aspects of business divorce at (973) 602-3915.

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