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 New Jersey Limited Liability Company Dispute Attorneys

The limited liability company has become the form of choice for new businesses. With the ability to benefit from taxation as a partnership, limited liability of a corporation and inherent flexibility, the limited liability company (LLC) has become the favored business entity choice for small businesses and for start-up businesses of all sizes. As with any business, however, disputes can arise both internally and externally, and can cause considerable financial strain for those profiting from the business — if not resolved efficiently and effectively. We facilitate the resolution of complex LLC disputes in throughout New Jersey.

The LLC operating agreement molds the business. There are complex statutory rules as well as case law detailing how the agreement should be created as well as how changes in operating agreements should be addressed by the court when disputes arise among the members of an LLC.

The context of most internal disputes amongst members of an LLC entail disagreement involving operating agreement amendments, involuntary dissociation of a member of the LLC (expulsion) or business dissolutions. Our firm has a wealth of experience in handling these issues as well as the full spectrum of LLC disputes confronted by clients, including cases involving:

  • Contract disputes
  • Failure to distribute profits
  • Failure to distribute profits in dissociation
  • Breach of duty
  • Negligence
  • Fraud
  • Exclusion from management

Experienced New Jersey, LLC Dissolution Attorneys

It is critical to have an experienced business law attorney to counsel you of your rights and to ensure that your interests and the interests of the business are fully preserved. We work diligently to resolve LLC disputes in the most efficient and economical manner possible so that your focus can remain on the operation of your business.

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