Partner Shareholder Disputes

Business Dispute Counsel in New Jersey, and in New York

It is a fact of business life that disputes often arise among the owners of even the most successful businesses. These disputes arise in corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies and they require a law firm that is aggressive while being sensitive to the demands of the business itself. A poor economic climate, disappointing results, and changes in family circumstances can all provide fertile ground for disagreements between the owners of a business, whether partners, shareholders or limited liability company members, leading to the need for the assistance of an experienced lawyer during complicated partnership shareholder disputes or partnership dissolutions.

We work diligently to offer the sophisticated and experienced representation your business needs to overcome a dispute between partners, shareholders and members of limited liability companies. Leveraging nearly 20 years of legal experience, our firm is able to address the various legal issues relating to these disputes or to the divorcing of business partners who are unable to resolve key disagreements.

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Business Owner Dispute Lawyers Who Focus on Resolution, Regardless of Cause

Often, business partners or shareholders are unable to come to agreements on key issues, including the future direction of the company, financial issues relating to the operation of the business or the marketing of products key to the success of the entity. We offer comprehensive legal support during such disputes, whether through litigation, negotiation or an orderly dissolution of the business. Recognizing that the termination of an existing relationship between the owners of a business is in many respects similar to a divorce, we comprehend what is at stake and the multitude of legal issues that are frequently intertwined.

We can help you address various business dispute or dissolution issues, including:

  • Freeze-outs or one partner forcing another out of the business
  • Lockouts
  • Oppressed shareholder actions
  • Partnership disputes
  • Limited liability company member disputes
  • Abuse of position and privilege
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Partners who create competing businesses

Our firm is able to address the unique dispute issues facing your privately held business, including corporations, LLCs, partnerships and LLPs.

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