BusinessBridge: Outside General Counsel for the Closely Held Business

  • BusinessBridge is a ‘fractional’ general counsel program designed to address the needs of closely held business owners for an ongoing, strategic relationship with an experienced attorney.

  • An outside general counsel (OGC) levels the playing field with larger competitors with access to in-house attorneys. 

  • The ongoing relationship with an attorney enables closely held business owners to focus on growing their business, securing their personal lives and preserving their legacy without assuming unnecessary risk.


Small and medium enterprises have unique issues and exposure, often with little room for error. The owners of these closely held businesses need advice and supportfor the unique challenges and opportunities they face.

BusinessBridge, outside general counsel, is a client offering designed specifically to cater to the requirements of SMEs, providing strategic legal guidance and support through all stages of your business lifecycle.

Understanding Your Business

Our program begins with an understanding of your business, industry, and objectives by the lawyers who take individual responsibility for the engagement. We proactively approach our services to tailor them to the specific needs and goals of your enterprise and its owners. This strategic partnership is calculated to drive your business forward.

I consult with every BusinessBridge client to get a clear picture of their needs and opportunities, both business and personal.  I want to visit the business when possible and meet others involved.  Are there multiple owners? What are the challenges facing their market?  Who are the stakeholders in their business?  Where do their families fit into the picture, now and in the future?  The Exit Planning Institute defines these as the three legs of the stool supporting the owner: business, personal, and financial.

From that meeting, we formulate a plan to protect and grow the business and to assure that the personal details unique to the closely held business owner are being addressed.  This can include issues like reworking corporate governance documents, protecting intangible assets, labor and employment issues, as well as personal estate planning and business continuity plans.  I am able to call on the experience of the breadth of practice areas at the Weiner Law Group to put together a strategic plan.

Ways to Get Started: Useful Client Tools

How Much is My Business Worth

Business Stability Checkup

Contact me if you would like to discuss BusinessBridge and whether an outside general counsel is right for your needs.

Using the understanding developed in these meetings, I turn to an action plan for the BusinessBridge client.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Good governance is the backbone of any successful business. We assist with all aspects of business governance.  I have spent more than three decades working with the owners of closely held corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships across a large number of industries.  In the process, I have observed many, many of the same mistakes—mistakes that were avoidable, expensive, and sometimes disastrous to the owners.

The owners should assure that they have in place corporate governance procedures that act in the best interest of the enterprise and are fair to minority owners and other stakeholders.  This due diligence in corporate governance ultimately protects the controlling owners from personal liability. Our guidance on best practices and governance structures ensures that the business is built on a solid legal foundation.

Intellectual Property Protection

Safeguarding Your Competitive Advantage

In the SME arena, intellectual property can be a game-changer. Our comprehensive IP protection services, including trademark and copyright registration, trade secret protection, and protecting your patents, are designed to align with your business objectives and protect your competitive edge in the marketplace.

Employment Law and HR Compliance

Building a Compliant Workforce

Complying with employment law is crucial for maintaining a productive workforce and avoiding claims against the company and its owners. From employee agreements to equity compensation plans, we provide the expertise you need to ensure compliance with employment regulations, helping you avoid potential legal pitfalls.

Essential Contracts and Regulatory Review

Aligning Your Strategic Vision with Reality

We use our experience to conduct a thorough review of the core contracts of our BusinessBridge clients.  This will include such agreements as real property and equipment leases, purchase and supplier agreements, licenses, employment agreements, restrictive covenants, and non-disclosure agreements.

We will assess your regulatory risks and determine whether your business has actual or potential compliance issues.  BusinessBridge clients can take advantage of our knowledge of governmental and regulatory issues.

Risk Management and Dispute Resolution

Proactive Mitigation Strategies

Identifying and managing legal risks is essential for any business. Our attorneys offer proactive risk mitigation strategies and, if necessary, expert representation in negotiations, mediation, arbitration, or litigation to resolve disputes efficiently and protect your interests.

Transactional Support

Navigating Complex Transactions

BusinessBridge supports a wide range of corporate transactions, whether it’s equity financing, mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, or licensing agreements. We focus on maximizing value and mitigating risks, ensuring that your deals are structured for success.

Exit Strategies and Liquidity Events

Guiding Your Next Steps

Planning your exit or a liquidity event requires careful legal and strategic consideration. Our team advises on all aspects of exit strategies, including mergers and acquisitions, employee stock ownership plans, and succession transfers to family members or key employees.

Only 20 to 30 percent of the owners who want to sell their business at retirement are actually able to find an owner. We work closely with owners in our strategic exit planning practice to protect, enhance, and ultimately harvest the locked-up value of their businesses.

Why choose us?

Your Partner in Growth

Our commitment to understanding your business, combined with our expertise in legal and strategic advisory, makes us the ideal partner for SMEs looking to navigate the legal landscape. We offer the comprehensive support you need to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

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Are you ready to secure the legal foundation your business deserves? Contact us today to learn more about our Outside General Counsel Program and how we can tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your enterprise. Let us be your partner in navigating the complexities of the legal world, empowering your business for success.



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