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locked door
Oh, the fine art of the lockout. For a business divorce litigator, a lockout or expulsion of a minority member is a relatively common occurrence. Managing the lockout, from either the majority or the minority’s perspective, is a key issue that will set the tone of the litigation.


The minority who is locked out of a business has a very clear disadvantage. In a closely held business, whether it is a limited liability company, a corporation or a partnership, most principals participate in the day-to-day management of the business. A lockout separates the minority from management.


It’s the Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving and the phone rings with a new client.  The situation in the office has become an emergency.  Either someone has been locked out or someone needs to be locked out, or someone is walking out the door with a key client. Many of our cases begin as emergencies.

The dispute between LLC members, shareholders or partners erupts into a lawsuit without warning, or so it seems, and without planning.  Here are five considerations that are important to success in a litigated business divorce.

1.         Understand the Statutory Framework.

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